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Here are some of the questions answered in this book:  


·   Is “Hell” really a forever torture chamber? Where in the hell did the concept of “Hell” come from? Did you know that a man in the Bible commits suicide yet does not suffer forever punishment in "Hell?"

·   Does going to church really make someone a “good Christian?”

·   Is homosexuality really a “free” choice? Is homosexuality really “unclean” for everyone? Does Jesus condemn homosexuality or does the church condemn homosexuality?

·   Did you know that the "God" of the Old Testament orders for such acts as adultery, abortion, rape, and murder?

·   Do people really have the “free” will choice to be honorable or dishonorable? If angels had the "free" will/opportunity to rebel, then why are they not given the opportunity to repent?




Main Topics Discussed


·        Eternal punishment in Hell to be a false, man-made doctrine of Christianity


·         Homosexuality to not be "sinful" for everyone and homosexuality to not be a "free" choice


·         Abortion and how the Bible supports Pro-Choice