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               How this book is “revolutionary” and will enchance your life in a positive way:


·         The author believes the true intent of Jesus was to show people how to live RIGHT NOW so that people can find true love, happiness, peace, and joy RIGHT NOW by learning to avoid “negativity” or “evil.”  This concept is revolutionary in that this concept makes Jesus’ teachings in the Bible applicable to peoples' lives RIGHT NOW.  Jesus states to not judge people for having different lifestyles (e.g. homosexual or heterosexual), but to only judge people on how they treat other people. Could you imagine a world where people did not condemn one another for being homosexual or heterosexual, black or white, atheist or believer, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican? This world would be full of joy and happiness as people would not be afraid to live the lifestyle they felt was "right" for them and people would be afraid to treat others in a negative way!  Many Christians go through life waiting to die so that they can receive their reward in “Heaven” when in reality you can have happiness, peace, and joy RIGHT NOW which is what “Heaven” or the “Kingdom of Heaven” represents!


·         Homosexuality and how the Bible says homosexuality is not a “sin” or “wrong” for everyone.  Also, the Bible says homosexuality is not a “free” choice. 


·         Abortion and how the Bible supports Pro-Choice.  Also, the author provides thought-provoking questions from a logical, human point of view.


·         The author proves eternal punishment to be a false doctrine of Christianity by using several different methods.   


*The author is willing to discuss any or all of these points in any Speaking Engagement.*