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Did you leave Christianity because of the hypocrisy of Christians?


Does it seem strange to you that "Heaven" is attained by saying a few words rather than based upon how you live your life?


Do you have issues with "fake Christians" that preach love yet practice hate? 


Did you know that Jesus's message is quite different than Christianity's message?




So, how is this book revolutionary & why should you give it a chance?


Jesus only wanted to show people how to live life right now so that people could find true happiness, peace, and joy right now by learning to love themselves and love others. Jesus's message was not to judge people for having different lifestyles (i.e. homosexual or heterosexual), but to only judge people on how they treat other people.


Many Christians go through life waiting to die so that they can receive their reward in “Heaven” when in reality Jesus's message was to show you how to obtain happiness, peace, and joy from within yourself right now which is what “Heaven” or the “kingdom of Heaven” represents!  Whether you're a Christian, an agnostic, or an atheist you can benefit from the knowledge withheld in this book, one way or another. You will find that Christianity should only promote peace, reason, and justice.