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Have you ever noticed that the messages of the Bible change depending upon which church you’re in, and what denomination you’re talking to? Does it seem strange to you that Christians argue with other Christians about what scripture “means”? Do you feel that a preacher or a congregation wants to force you to accept a version of the “truth” that doesn’t make sense? You’re not alone. Author Shay Dawkins, searching for the real meaning of the scriptures, went back to the source: the Bible. Working from the most widely accepted text, the King James Version, Dawkins examines what the Bible really says…what its literal messages are, free of any denominational agenda. 

The result is an eye-opening return to the most basic roots of faith, and a deeper, broader understanding of God’s Word. Read with an open mind, knowing that while changing your way of thinking can feel uncomfortable, change can bring freedom, hope, and new understanding. If you’ve felt oppressed by or unhappy with the message that unless you conform to a certain belief, you will go to eternal punishment in Hell…this is the book you’ve been looking for. Dawkins exposes this and many other beliefs in present-day Christianity to be delusions, backing up every point with the authority of scripture. Whether you’re an atheist, an agnostic, a new Christian, or a Christian searching for the deepest truths, The Good News sweeps away the most common and destructive delusions of Christianity, and replaces them with true, concrete answers that will inspire and renew your faith.